Sound Flux: Free Sounds

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Latest addition: Obsydian Demo for Generate | 2024-06-27

14 presets taken from the Obsydian pack for Generate

+ instant access to 1013 presets, 478 samples, and 177 wavetables for 23 plugins in total (in the Support version)

What is Sound Flux?

Sound Flux offers free monthly content. Simply “purchase” the free version and enjoy continual access to free presets, samples, and wavetables. Sound Flux is not a subscription. You get it once and continue to receive content regularly.

There are now two versions of Sound Flux available - Free and Support. As Gumroad has a limitation of up to 250MB for free content, the Support section is a way to provide all of the content for a small fee, which bypasses this limitation. The free version will always contain the latest releases that don't exceed the limit. All future updates are free.

How this works

  • one-time purchase: get for free the latest freebies and future free updates or add an extra $2 to receive all of the previously released packs
  • new content is added every month to both Free and Support versions and all customers are notified via email about the new addition
  • if needed, the oldest pack in the Free version is moved to the Support version to make room for the recent one

If you found Sound Flux useful, consider the Support version to help keep this series alive. Thank you!

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Monthly updated free audio content.

Latest addition
Obsydian Demo for Generate: 14 presets.
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Sound Flux: Free Sounds

6 ratings
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